The highlands goal is to have classic homemade recipes. We also want your whole family to enjoy a meal together so we have kept our prices low for all these years. This isn't just another restaurant this is a community staple that has a legacy to preserve. Come enjoy everything from soups, salads, sandwhichs, seafood, salads and so much more.



100 Fenn St. Pittsfield MA.


Tuesday – Friday
11:00am to 9:30pm


Saturday  4pm-9:30pm 

Sunday 4pm-8:00pm


Closed Mondays

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Hamburg $3.75

Cheeseburg $3.95

Chicken Salad $3.95

Club $9.95

Turkey with Lettuce & Tomato $4.95 

Turkey & Bacon $4.95

Bacon Lettuce & Tomato $4.95

Lettuce Bacon & Mayonnaise $4.95

Western or Eastern $4.95

Liverwurst $3.95

Tuna Fish Salad with Lettuce & Tomato $5.95

Salami $3.95

Hot Dog $2.25

Ham $3.95

Ham & Cheese $4.95

Ham & Swiss $3.95

Ham & Egg $4.95

American or Swiss $3.95

Filet of Fish $6.95

Roast Beef Sandwhich $7.95


Egg Salad Sandwich $3.95

Fried Egg $3.95

Salami & Egg $4.95

Bacon $3.95

Bacon & Egg $4.95

Eggplant Parm $5.95

Hot Eggplant Parm $6.95

Meatball $4.95

Hot Meatball Sandwhich $5.95

Italian Sausage $5.95

Hot Italian Sausage $6.95

Veal Cutlet Sandwhich $4.95

Hot Veal Cutlet Sandwhich $5.95

Veal Parm Sandwhich $4.95

Hot Veal Parm $5.95

Chicken Cutlet Sandwhich $5.95

Hot Chicken Parm $6.95

Chicken Parm $5.95

Grilled Chicken $5.95

Grilled Cheese and Tuna $5.95

Grilled American Cheese $3.95

Grilled Cheese and Tomato $4.95

Bacon Egg and Cheese Sand $4.95




Large House Salad $4.95

Side of Special Salad $5.95

Highland Special Salad $8.95

Side of Salad $3.95


Grilled Chicken Salad $8.95

or Crispy Chicken $8.95

Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad $8.95

or Crispy Chicken $8.95


Twisted Buffalo, Garlic Parm, Butter Rum, Buffalo or Terriyaki Wings $9.95Chicken Tenders $6.95

Buffalo Chicken Tenders $7.95

Side of Fries $2.95

Onion Rings $6.95

Fried Mushrooms with

Horshradish Sauce $6.95

Mozzerella Triangles $6.95




Coffee or Tea



Hot Chocolate


Iced Tea or Iced Coffee


Lg Milk (pint)

Lg Juice (pint)


Italian Dishes

Antipasto $9.95

Highland Trio, Chicken Parm, 1 Sausage, 1 Meatball $13.95

Eggplant Parm over Spaghetti $13.95

Veal Scallopini, Spaghetti and Salad $13.95

Veal Cutlet, Spaghetti and Salad $11.95

Veal Parmigiana or Chicken Parmigiana, Spaghetti and Salad $12.95

Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti and Salad $12.95

Southern Fried Chicken, Spaghetti and Salad $11.95

Chicken Livers Saute, Spaghetti and Salad $11.95

Italian Sausage and Peppers, Spaghetti and Salad $13.95

Broiled Mushrooms, Spaghetti and Salad $12.95

Large Order Spaghetti and Meatballs and Salad $10.95

Large Order Spaghetti and Italian Sausage and Salad $10.95

Small Order Spaghetti and One Meatball $8.95

Small Order Spaghetti and No Meatball $7.95

Small Order Spaghetti and Italian Sausage $8.95

Side Order of Spaghetti and One Italian Sausage $7.95

Side Order of Spaghetti and One Meatball $7.95

Side Order of Spaghetti and No Meatball $6.95



Roast Turkey, Mashed Potato, Stuffing, Veg and Cran Sauce $11.95

Roast Beef, Mashed Potato and Veg $12.95

Hot Turkey Sandwich, Mashed Potato and Cran Sauce $9.95

Broiled Pork Tenderloin, Home Fried Pot, Applesauce $13.95

Omelets, Western, Mushroom, Onion, Or Pepper, Mashed Pot & Veg $9.95

Calves Liver, Mashed Potatos and Salad $11.95

Hamburger Special, French Fries and Coleslaw $8.95

Hamburger Pork Sausages, Mashed Pot, Applesauce $9.95

Hamburger Steak with Onion Sauce, Mashed Potato and Veg $10.95

Open Steak Sandwich on Toast, French Fries and Salad $12.95

Sirloin Steak, French Fries, and Salad $15.95

...with Mushroom Sauce $16.95

Pork Chops, French Fries and Applesauce $14.95





Fresh Shrimp Cocktail $9.95

Fried Filet of Haddock, French Fries, Cole Slaw or Veg $12.95

Fried Shrimp, French Fries, Cole Slaw or Veg $17.95

Fried Scallops, French Fries, Cole Slaw or Veg $19.95

Scallop Sandwich $12.95



Changes to Spaghetti, Sliced Tomatos, Salad, Home Fries or French Fries $2 extra

Orders to go .50 extra   Sandwhiches to go  $.25



Pie $4.00

Pudding $4.00



Ice Cream $2.25

Ala Mode $5.00




Voted Best Chicken Wings at the Wing Fling!!!


Tuesday – Friday
11:00pm to 9:30pm


Saturday  4pm-9:30pm 

Sunday 4pm-8:00pm


Closed Mondays